Milk A meal:


Milk is an essential part of our meal. From having it in breakfast to having a warm cup before bed, milk products are frequently consumed by us on a daily basis. Having so much nutritious value milk is a good source of protein, fats, vitamins, and all the necessary nutrients good for the human body. This further makes milk a complete meal itself.


But having milk could be difficult for our vegan friends as the main sources of milk are animals. But hold on, do you know the people across the world choosing plant-based milk as their new grocery item and reducing the use of animal milk are increasing constantly.


There can be various reasons that people are choosing plant milk. Do you know not only veganism is the reason but some people are lactose intolerant too, some are unable to digest animal milk and some are allergic to animal-based milk.


But here we are talking about vegan milk or plant milk as an alternative to the common dairy milk. Vegans frequently come up with the query of milk drinking habits and how they can keep their bodies nutritious without drinking animal-based milk. Eating veggies instead of meat can easily opt but an alternative to milk is something that bothers a vegan.


The main and the first question which comes to the mind of a vegan is If plant milk is as resourceful as animal milk or not. Some vegans are not completely friendly to the types of veg milk available in the market which also is a lack of knowledge towards their vegan belief.


Plant Milk is Ecological Saviour:


Here VegTable wants to quote that “vegans are eco friendly and also the friends of animals”. This can be justified by an example that veg milk requires plant….and animal milk requires animals. To extract extra milk and to earn well, dairy owners force animals by injecting several chemicals or through milking machines.


But if people go for plant milk it promotes plantation on a greater level and the population can have milk that was not snatched from an infant’s mouth.


Know The Sources Of Veg Milk:


Broadly there are 3 main sources of plant milk used for extracting veg milk, they are:



  • Nuts And Seeds: 

Includes almond, Coconut, cashew, hazelnut, Brazil nut, tiger nut, walnut, and sesame.


  • Cereals:

Includes rice, oat, millet, barley, buckwheat, spelt, quinoa, and hemp.


  • Beans: includes soy, pea, and chickpea.


Nutrition They Provide: 


The human body requires a cocktail of nutrients for its growth and to work properly which animal milk provides unlike plant milk which is fortified with various vitamins and minerals, so before consuming plant milk of a certified brand always check the ingredients mentioned on the packet.


In general milk from nuts and seeds provides 0.5-1.0 mg protein per 100 ml.


Milk from cereals like rice has protein near to none.


Bean milk gives a tough competition to dairy milk by providing an almost equal amount of protein which is 2-3.5mg of protein per 100ml. 


It's not about the stubborn vegan belief but also we have to look after nutrients we are having so it is highly recommended you should check before you have it.


Also, the sweets and dishes made up of milk are widely loveable. VegTable is helping you as a friend and supports you in your vegan journey by recommending the list of nearby Vegan restaurants serving delicious vegan dishes. You can order from the VegTable site as well as from our official app and also book a dine-in.


Choose ethically:


In the concluding statement, it is right to say that plant milk is the best to alternate for dairy milk as it has the best of the nutritious values and is also not extracted by the tears and fears of brutalizing animals and deteriorating their health for milk.


Give your infant and yourself a cup of milk which saves the environment, not that snatches the food of animal infants