Being a vegan and following the path of non-violence towards animals is itself a noble and sane cause. Doing so one person is accepting the law of God and the nature he created in which every living being has an equal right to live.


Veganism is far beyond opting plant-based diet and eliminating animal products from the lifestyle but it is a philosophy that can change the mindset of society. In the world, people have their own reasons to go vegetarian, may it be health-related, religious, change in mental state, concern for animal rights, or environmental reasons.


A vegan lifestyle does not limit you in your eating habits but gives you a wide range of plant-based diets, yet healthy enough to give you the proper nutrition your body requires. Vegans are always in doubt about what to eat… what to do…and what not to do. For which VegTable recommends you get proper education about veganism.


The main matter of concern for vegan people is “If they can travel while sticking to a vegan diet?”. As mentioned above veganism does not limit you in any condition, if you are a vegan and love to travel then you must follow the guidelines given below to make your travel experience a loveable and hassle-free journey. VegTable app is your ultimate friend while you are planning to explore the U.S. It will provide you with a list of the vegan restaurants nearby you serving delicious vegetarian dishes where you can order or book a table for yourself.


Here are 5 important guidelines a vegan must follow while travelling:


  1. Technology can be a useful aspect :


Travelling being vegan is itself a challenge as it is a major thought for every vegan traveller that “what to eat”. Shopping while travelling always takes the help of a google translator and use the camera feature in it if the language of that place is unfriendly to you. Scan the ingredients of the products and rectify whether the ingredients used are veg or non-veg.


This can be very useful to you and can save you from eating animal products. The feature of this app can also be useful while conversing in the local language or while ordering food in a restaurant as it can translate the menu for you easily. Try the google feature for surety about the products to consume while travelling.


  1.  Vegan Card can be a lifesaver:

Always carry a vegan card that contains some lines of text explaining your daily dietary needs. This can be seriously a life-saver for you like in the conditions when there is no internet service available to you and you are starving.


The text mentioned on the vegan card should be in a local language which further makes it easy for you to communicate. It is recommended that you should have both a hard and a soft copy of the vegan card with you.




  1. Get Friendly With The Local Cuisine:

When you are able to communicate and get to know about the ingredients of the food, it's not done yet for you. Always learn the process of the dish you are having on your travel journey.


It is cautionary because in some countries the veg food which they serve could have hidden animal products. For example, in some countries, potato fries are fried in animal fats. This could be not appropriate for a vegan to eat such cuisines.


So it is highly recommended to you to get friendly with the making process of the dish and learn about the ingredients used in making it.


  1. Cook for yourself:

Eating tasty food at the restaurants is the loveable part of the travel, but it is always good to have the option to cook on your own for yourself. This is yet another activity that creates some adventure and you can make pure vegan food without any doubt for yourself.


For the all-new delicious vegan recipes follow VegTable on Instagram where you can explore new dishes and also get to know many things about veganism.


  1. Plan a dine-in beforehand:

Look into the restaurant options before you feel hungry only so it would be hassle-free for you to eat. Also, keep in mind to check the opening hours and closing hours of the restaurant you are going to.

VegTable minimises your struggle to find a vegan restaurant in the U.S and displays you the list of the nearby restaurants serving vegetarian food. For more details, you can follow us on Instagram and the website.


These are the guidelines a vegan traveller must follow while travelling, without keeping any doubt in mind whether the food is vegan or not and can make his/her journey pleasant.